A Professional HIV PEP You Will Get From The Professional Clinic In Singapore

A Professional HIV PEP You Will Get From The Professional Clinic In SingaporeHIV POST-EXPOSURE PROPHYLAXIS (PEP) is here and now antiretroviral treatment and medication to diminish the possibility of HIV infection after potential exposure, through sexual assault, sexual intercourse, infusion tranquilize utilize and other potential exposures. At the point when begun within 72 hours from exposure, HIV PEP treatment has been appeared to diminish the chances of HIV transmission with exposure by 81%.

How is HIV transmitted and in what circumstances would PEP Clinic Singapore be required ?

HIV might be transmitted when there is:

1) High-chance sexual exposure (any unprotected butt-centric or vaginal intercourse, receptive oral intercourse with discharge). An accomplice knew to be HIV-tainted, or a man in a high HIV hazard gather (commercial sex workers, IV tranquilize users. Men who engage in sexual relations with men/bisexual men) or in sexual assault.

2) Sharing of or exposure to polluted needles or cutting edges, especially needle-stick injuries.

3) Exposure to defiled blood or semen or genital liquids, particularly through open injuries and cuts, wounds and ulcers.

In such circumstances, HIV PEP is profoundly prescribed and can keep the transmission of HIV and AIDS.

Generally, exposures to saliva, urine, tears and sweat are not thought to be irresistible, and the danger of HIV transmission from splashes of tainted liquids to mucosal surface or non-in-place skin has not been precisely quantified.

At the point when ought to HIV PEP/HIV Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) be begun?

HIV PEP ought to be begun at the earliest opportunity after exposure up to 72 hours. The perfect day and age to begin PEP are inside 24 hours from exposure, despite the fact that it has been appeared to be effective up to 72 hours post-exposure.

The earlier HIV PEP is begun, the more effective it is in avoiding HIV transmission and infection. If the exposure is over 72 hours, HIV PEP will be considered on a case by case premise contingent upon the danger of exposure.

What are the side effects of PEP treatment?

We recommend the most recent HIV PEP medications with negligible side effects and profoundly middle of the road. The more basic side effects with more established PEP treatments might be queasiness, looseness of the bowels and anorexia. These side effects are for the most part not genuine and not changeless and ought to determine after the medication is ceased or finished.

What sort of tests should be done before taking PEP in PEP Clinic Singapore?

Benchmark HIV test, full blood count, liver and renal capacity tests will be performed to distinguish any previous abnormality before treatment and can be rehashed at two weeks. There will be a subsequent visit following four weeks to rehash full blood count, liver and renal capacity tests and also and an HIV test. Follow-up HIV tests are prescribed at 3 and six months post exposure.

How is HIV PEP administered in PEP Clinic Singapore?

HIV PEP treatment includes a one-month’s course of triple oral medication blend regimen of antiretroviral HIV PEP treatment.

At Elyon Clinic, we offer HIV PEP treatment that is sheltered, all around endured, generally utilized as a part of open government doctor’s facilities and by common HIV post-exposure prophylaxis rules.